Large Juggling In Hawaii

“Oh, I Can’t Juggle”

“I can only juggle two…”

“I’m way too uncoordinated…”

These are things I’ve heard a million times. And I don’t believe any of them. It is easy to see something you don’t understand, and decide you can’t do it. When you see something intimidating, it is often easier to decide it is out of your reach than to stick with it and realize it isn’t so bad. But when you do stick with it, and you do something you didn’t realize you could do,  that’s when life gets good. That’s where the real rewards are. And that is what Carpe Diem Juggling is about.

Carpe Diem Juggling is an educational program based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. I have taught many, many people to juggle after they assured me that they couldn’t learn. It isn’t just about learning to juggle; it is also about learning the rewards of fighting through something difficult. It is also about doing something you wanted to do, even if it seems kind of silly or crazy. And it is also about finding your voice to share these ideas with others. I offer school classes and programs, individual sessions, corporate events, and will pretty much teach juggling at the drop of a hat to anyone who wants to learn.