How/When I Sell Props

I will occasionally post props for sale here on this site. I am not a prop vendor, and I don’t have any interest in becoming a prop vendor. So if I post props for sale, it is for one of two reasons.

  1. I periodically obtain props at wholesale pricing to make available to my students. I then sell these props to my students at pricing at or very near what I paid for them. I’m not interested in selling these props to the general public, as it is my intent to help encourage my students, and not to flood the world with wholesale props at the expense of the vendors.
  2. I’ve concluded I have too many props filling my house, and I’m selling something that I’ve decided I no longer want or need. These props will often be used. It may be difficult to compare the pricing of these props with the previous ones, since the previous category was purchased at wholesale and I’m intentionally not selling them for the most I could get, whereas props in this category I’m trying to maximize my return while cleaning out my house.

With this in mind, whenever I post props for sale here, I’ll try to be very clear which category they fall into, since that impacts who I’m willing to sell to and what sort of pricing is in play.

If you are a student of mine and you are interested in props that I don’t seem to be currently selling, definitely let me know. I keep this sort of thing in mind when placing future wholesale orders.


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