Emil Dahl: 9 club flash on video!

Well, that was a surprise.

7 clubs is the usual “top of Mount Everest” for club numbers juggling. By now quite a few people can do it, and the very best can do it for minutes. A handful of jugglers have dabbled with 8, and have claimed to at least have flashed it. Anthony Gatto has qualified 8; you can see it in this video:

This summer, I heard from friends at Juggle This! in NYC that Emil Dahl was looking pretty good with 8 clubs, and making real progress. So then I wake up this morning to this:

Part of the craziness here is releasing and collecting 5 clubs from one hand. Quite humbling when my collect of 5 clubs is still so bad with 2 hands.

FDB97531 – First time I’ve seen one

And perhaps the first time it has ever been done? This is the 8 ball version of the “tower series” of siteswaps. In these tricks, each throw goes lower than the previous one, so that the balls all land in the reverse order they were thrown. The 3 ball version, 531, is a pretty reasonable trick to learn early on – if you take lessons with me, I’d be happy to help you with it sometime. I’m getting close to my first 97531 (the 5 ball version), but haven’t quite landed it yet. You can see Alex do a few DB97531 in this video as well. Enjoy!