New Props Have Arrived

As you can probably tell from all the other new posts, the newest batch of “for sale to my students” props has arrived from Higgins Brothers. If you are a student of mine and you see something you want, send me an email or tell me in class. All items are first-come-first-served. I may not always lug all this stuff to ever class, so if you let me know via email before class, it greatly increases the odds that I’ll have your prop to you as soon as possible.  If you are not one of my students, these new props will not be available for purchase; my policy on this sort of thing can be read here.

You’ll notice that the clubs in particular, while still way below retail prices, are not as inexpensive as ones I’ve offered in the past. That is more a reflection on the older items; I had managed to get a set of really nice clubs at a ridiculously low price. That is why people snatched those up so quickly, and I’m now only able to offer clubs at a really good price instead of a completely insane price.


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