Wes Peden Show Extracts

Wes is one of the most popular jugglers performing today, and this video will give you an idea why. Aside from being an outstanding technical juggler, his acts are full of so much creativity. I’ve watched him perform with non-jugglers, and had them ask me, “What is that he just did?”, and the answer is usually, “I have no idea. Nobody really does. That doesn’t have a name; that’s just Wes doing his thing.” Watch how he makes use of the entire stage, incorporates body movement, has a wide variety of throws and catches, moves between props, mixes props, etc. etc. I think this was filmed at the 2012 St. Louis festival, where I first saw him perform live.

Patrik Elmnert’s Live Act

When I want to show a non-juggler what juggling can be, and that it isn’t just a clown standing there doing 3 balls, this is currently my go-to video. It is a fantastic combination of juggling, movement, and dance. He uses the whole stage, keeps things moving, uses the tempo of the music, etc. etc. And on top of it, the juggling is outrageously good. He does several tricks that would be amazing if he managed to do them once. But the fact that he reliably does them on stage is unbelievable. I was lucky enough to see Patrik live in St. Louis in… 2011? He was great then, and has improved by leaps and bounds since.