Kyle Johnson: Gballz and Multiplexes

Kyle is a friend of mine, my former juggling instructor, and was a great help teaching with me at The Nueva School. He is also sponsored by Gballz, and put out this incredible video recently where he takes his Gballz for a spin. Kyle is more commonly known for juggling large Dube’ stage balls, so this video is full of crazy multiplex tricks that aren’t really feasible with stage balls but become possible (for him…) with beanbags. Enjoy!

Where to buy cool juggling shirts

In class yesterday, someone also asked where Kyle and I get so many cool juggling shirts. As I warned, we get most of them at juggling festivals, so the best way is to attend a few! But if you are looking to buy juggling shirts over the web, here are some vendors:

  • Juggling Fashion – Run by my friend Ross Berenson, he makes lots of cool shirts. His club juggler shirt is probably the most popular juggling shirt around; if you keep an eye out, you’ll see lots of people wearing it in their juggling videos.
  • Brian Dube’ – The good folks at Dube’ sell a variety of shirts.
  • Cafe Press – They sell lots of shirts in general, and have a surprisingly big selection of juggling-related shirts.

The shirt I was wearing this past Friday, which is probably my favorite juggling shirt actually, was the festival shirt from Turbo Fest in 2011. Turbo Fest, held at the Quebec Circus School each year, is an incredible fest. They are always selling leftover shirts from past years; in fact, the shirt I was wearing was the fest shirt from… 2010 I think?, but I bought it when I was there in 2011 because I liked it more than the 2011 shirt. Alas, I can’t find any way to buy those shirts on the web.