Read these testimonials from parents, educators, and students who have seen what Carpe Diem Juggling did for their communities.

Dave has been my juggling teacher for two years. When I started his class, I could juggle a simple three ball cascade. I had no idea there was anything more to juggling besides just adding more balls. Dave’s class opened my eyes to a whole world of juggling possibilities.

Dave is an amazing teacher. Every week in our class Dave would lead the whole group through stretches, and fun, simple tricks that could be learned quickly by all levels of jugglers. Last year, Dave encouraged me to work with some other students on team juggling. It was challenging at first, but my partners and I mastered some very cool tricks. We learned to pass, steal and take out one ball. It was great to perform our routine for our school at the end of the year.

Dave is great with individual instruction too. Dave is always careful to show me the steps leading up to a new trick so I develop good techniques and no bad habits. He has helped me learn different skills, each one a little harder than the last, and I now have a whole repertoire of juggling tricks. I can currently juggle four balls and I’m on my way to five. Dave taught me site swap (the notation for describing juggling patterns) and showed me different drills to get me up to juggling five balls. He also helped me move from juggling just balls to using rings and clubs.

Overall, I’ve had a terrific juggling experience with Dave as my teacher. He’s always kind, supportive and very patient. Juggling is sometimes really hard, but I love it when I practice a lot and finally master something new. Juggling helps me focus when I’m stressed and it’s a fun thing to do whenever I am bored. Many thanks to Dave for giving me such a solid foundation!

Hilary, age 13

Dave Pawson has inspired and instructed a new generation of jugglers and entertainers at The Nueva School. Since his first semester offering a Juggling Academy at Nueva in the 2012 – 2013 school year, Dave’s academy has been the most popular and over-subscribed academy of choice among the middle school students every semester.

Both of my sons, who have had the opportunity to participate in Dave’s Juggling Academy, have elected to do so … not once but EVERY semester that they’ve had the choice to do so! Dave frequently invites guest jugglers and performers to share their livelihood and craft with the academy participants, and the academy always culminates with a live performance on stage.

Not only does Dave teach his students how to juggle but he also imparts upon them the fine art of showmanship and presentation. Bravo Dave!

Janet McGraw

Nueva Parent to:

    • Tyler – 2 classes – Winter and Spring of 2011 – 2012 school year (8th grade)
    • Kyle – 3 classes – Fall, Winter and Spring of 2012 – 2013 school year